‘Cant Speak’

  While going through old paintings I found that some are amazing, I used all of the techniques that I am famous for, but who wants a picture of some one they don’t know? ‘Can’t speak’ for instance. an aerie face comes out of nowhere. That might be the case or… I started painting my sweetheart …

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Colored Girl

  Colored girl is this fabulous explosion of color and energy. Inspired by a try Blues artist ‘Patti Allen’. Where I grew up in La Crosse Wisconsin, (there she goes again) No, hear me out. I don’t like this any more than you do but it’s important. My dad was a member of the neighborhood …

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New website

Good morning Earthlings, as you can tell, I am redoing my site. My provider fired me so I had to get a new provider and of course they deleted my whole site before firing me so,,, I am starting over. Thank you for your patience.