Camano Crab on a mug

Camano Crab was created for the Elger bay store, my local everything store on Camano Island. I have sold my cards in that store for a couple years and I enjoy the community feeling. As a part of that community I have painted a few of my animal neighbors to Read more…

Fabtaz designs

Fabtaz comes from the Fabulous Traveling Art Studio. Each piece features my art.  Our first design is Mr Owl, he makes his appearance to be the first of my artwork to receive a hug.


She finds a Mariachi band who gives her a mandolin Homeless she finds herself with a bunch of musicians that are gathered for the bus They are headed to the mountains to play music for the butterflies

Colorplay Class

In this ongoing class we will go start to finish watercolor beginning with a projector, The projector that I use can be found here: Please leave a comment below to be signed up for this class.