About Cher Clemans

I have been an artist all of my life...

As a child growing up in Wisconsin, I sketched and scribbled and colored on anything I could without getting in trouble, often unsuccessfully. Raising a family of my own, I moved to the Pacific Northwest and learned to watercolor. It wasn't until a time traveler told me that I would become a famous artist, that I decided to make art my life's work. In a former life, I worked with children painting rocks in a medieval village square. And in yet another life, I healed people by painting their portraits. Today, the scope of my work includes cartooning, fabrics, watercolors and dyes. I firmly believe it is my duty to share my God-given talents, for which I am eternally grateful. In the tradition of the hippie nation, my Traveling Art Studio allows me to bring my studio to the people, either in analog form, or on my digital youtube channel. My goal is to chronicle my journey as an artist, displaying my teaching techniques, and demonstrating how everyone can use art for healing and enrichment. My work is on display at the Distinctive Interiors in Stanwood WA, as well as on my website and many other venues. I contribute to the artist community with public events, shows and demonstrations. By purchasing my work, or making a tax-deductible contribution, you can advance the cause of the true healing art.

I have a unique approach to watercolor, where we learn to use positive thoughts to drive the process. Working from dark to light, the water mingles with the colors in a colorplay, leaving the white to tell the story. Art exists on every blank page and canvass, for us to discover, and it is that hope and faith that drives our well-being.