About Cher Clemans

I have been an artist all of my life...

I sketched and scribbled and colored on walls as a child growing up on the Mississippi River in La Crosse WI. I moved to the Pacific Northwest and learned to watercolor as a young adult with babies. It wasn't until a time traveler told me that I was famous that I really began my career. She told me that I worked with children so I painted rocks with families at the farmer's market. She said I used my art to help and heal people so I began painting portraits. There is so much more that is in the process as I realize the importance of using this gift that my Father Yah has so graciously given to me.

My technique...

I have a unique approach to watercolor. Just as positive words have a wonderful effect on water as it freezes, I have found that the positive thoughts also work with watercolor painting. Working from dark to light, the water mingles with the colors in a colorplay leaving the white to tell the story.

the Fabulous Traveling Art Studio

I started a youtube channel where I show my 'hippy artist life'. My goal is to show my journey as an artist, teaching techniques and dealing with life issues and healings.