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Felted bags are addicting and easy to make. But the best part about making these fun bags, is that you can add your own touches to make them exclusively yours. Colors, yarn types, beads, you name it, make 100 of them and no two will be the same. Knit them, throw them in the washing machine and that's it. Your own special creation.

Gelato Bag

Pistachio, Mango, Strawberry or ... Why not make a bright and cheerful purse to match your favorite flavor?

Size: 12" to 13" and 7" to 8" deep. Yarn choice and amount of felting will affect finished size.

Yarn Requirements: 210 yards each of a wool and a mohair that together will felt easily. A second strand of wool may be used in place of the mohair.

Needles: US size 11 circular needle in 16" and 24" lengths. Two double pointed needles in US size 11.

By Bev Galeskas for Fiber Trends # AC76 Price $5.95


Flowers on the Go

Cheerful felt bag with needle felted flowers.

Two sizes for small purse or large tote.
Width across top 12" (16").
Depth from bottom ridge to center cast off 7" (10") .
Yarn choice and felting will affect your finished size.

Yarn Requirements:
300 (600) yards of bulky weight wool that will felt easily.

By Bev Galeskas for Fiber Trends
AC63X $5.50



The Sheep Tote

Two sizes with pockets. Sheep are needle felted after bag is complete.

Finished sizes:
Small: 9"  wide, 8" deep and 3"  across ends.
Large: 14" wide, 13" deep and 4" across ends.

Yarn Requirements:
Bulky weight wool that will felt easily and firmly.
Approximately 300 (620) yds for a tote with two end pockets. Side pockets require an additional 55 (120) yds  per pocket.

Needle Felting Supplies: Fiber Trends' Natural Roving Pack, Felting Needle Assortment Pack or Needle Felting Starter Kit. Find that here.

Design by Bev Galeskas  Fiber Trends Pattern AC64 Price $5.50


Maggie's Tote

Multicolored, mid-size tote made in worsted weight or use a bulky weight for a larger carryall.

Finished sizes: Approximate measurements, laid out flat.
Small Tote: 19" wide, 13"deep.
Large Tote: 24" wide 15" deep.

Yarn Requirements:
Use worsted weight for the smaller size tote and bulky weight for a larger size. Choose a wool or wool/mohair blend that felts well.

Small Tote in worsted weight requires 375 yds  MC (main color), 50 yds of color B, 85 yds each of C and D, 50  yds of E.

Large Tote in bulky weight requires 475 yds of MC, 90 yds of Color B, 125 yds each of C and D, 60yds of E.

Design by Maggie Simms for Fiber Trends # AC55 Price $5.95


Up Town Tote

Wool and novelty yarn combine for a "fur" look tote.

Size: 15" wide by 12" (30cm) deep.

Yarn Requirements: 765 yards of worsted weight wool that will felt easily and 130 yards of an extra-thick, eyelash type novelty yarn.

Design by Bev Galeskas for Fiber Trends #AC61 $5.50



Party Purses

Fast and easy to knit, by Fiber Trends, these small felt purses will add pizzazz to any outfit. Novelty yarn is knit and felted along with the wool to create a colorful textured fabric.

Use approx 275 yds for small and 425 yds for large of worsted weight feltable yarn, and 70-80 yds of novelty yarn.

#AC44 Price $5.50

Night on the Town

Fancy little evening bags and cell phone/eyeglass holder. Novelty yarns are felted in with the wool.

Choose the size of purse that will hold your necessities for a night on the town. Make a small cell phone/eyeglass holder to match your purse or to use alone. It is just large enough to slip ID and lip gloss in along with your phone or glasses.

Requires 100-135 yds of a worsted weight feltable wool, and 55-90 yds of a novelty yarn. (2 balls of splash)

Size 11 16" circular needles and double points size 11

 # AC45 $5.50



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