3 Life Hacks - How to get music into your life to be a better artist

I love music, and like anyone, I know that music can bring a peace and balance to your life. In this video I share with you 3 ways that I let music inspire me.


    1. I learned to play a mandolin, even if you can only play the radio you can find a type of music that you can get into a deeper part of who you are. Since it thrills me to be of European Jewish ancestry I get into the gypsy music on Friday night. It may seem silly to some but It helps me get in touch with my 'God' Yah and that grounds me and sets my heart into a spirit of gratitude.
    2. Find some musician friends - I am so lucky to have found some neat musician friends. Boy oh boy. Where did I find them? Blues jams, open mics, local jigs. Once you are in a music tribe you can paint them, which is every kind of fun.
    3. Listen to music that inspires your work. I always have music on when I paint, but finding the right music on purpose is the key. If you are painting a quiet landscape you might want some soft jazz or Grand canyon Suite is great for that. When you paint a portrait you will be blessed if you could play footage of the person and have the kind of music that goes with their life. Make sense?


    If this has helped you please comment and I would love to inspire you to move forward in the healing of your soul, so you can be a better artist. See ya in the morning Earthling.

    • Rick Bowen - Drummer

    My artist friends


    I'm an artist living on Camano Island Wa. My watercolors are unique because I use the properties of the pigment to interact with the energy of the water to create colorplays and interesting objects. When I get a good one I have it scanned. Prints can be purchased as cards, prints or 'print at home'. I have a fine art america account for you to check out as well. Hand in hand I film my process and feature my endevers on my youtube channel 'the Fabulous Traveling Art Sudio.'


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