3 life Hacks series – Stabilize yourself

I've been an artist for half a century. I've seen alot of troubles in my life and I know that i need stability in order to be creative.

These three hacks are my advice to get you planted if you are not growing

1 Get in touch with yourself. You might have lost yourself along the way, stop, breathe, remember who you are. I find myself in the arms of my creator and I feel safe there, my mandolin helps me to remember that.

2 Make your bag special- If you feel at home some how even if you are not at home you can make your bag or something that you carry more part of you which will help ground you to be creative.

3 Make your body happy. if you are eating right and exercising as much as you can you will feel better about what you create. Bringing your body into a natural state where it can heal itself can release all kinds of bad stuff that gets in the way of your art.

If you enjoy these tips please comment and look for more.

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