Old men have wise thoughts

Dan and I have been collaborating again, this one features old man Dan and  a sweet thought.

Find this bumper sticker on https://positiverippleart.com/


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I'm an artist living on Camano Island Wa. My watercolors are unique because I use the properties of the pigment to interact with the energy of the water to create colorplays and interesting objects. When I get a good one I have it scanned. Prints can be purchased as cards, prints or 'print at home'. I have a fine art america account for you to check out as well. Hand in hand I film my process and feature my endevers on my youtube channel 'the Fabulous Traveling Art Sudio.'

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printlandokhla · December 21, 2019 at 5:46 am

Great post! Thanks for sharing very powerful post.

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