Colored girl is this fabulous explosion of color and energy. Inspired by a try Blues artist ‘Patti Allen’.

Where I grew up in La Crosse Wisconsin, (there she goes again) No, hear me out. I don’t like this any more than you do but it’s important. My dad was a member of the neighborhood secret cross burners. I hate that. Always did. I never understood but I knew it was poison.

I never saw an  African American  until I was older, and I remembered how beautiful her skin was. Radiant in the sun. Fascinated and jealous, I made it a point to take a new path for myself in the world that tried to raise me to think she was less than me, the ones that burned crosses and told lies about people they didn’t even know. I was better than that and I raised my kids to be color blind and love all people on the merit of their lives and not the color of their skin. Brown skin is beautiful. Just look at my sweetheart, I like my coffee like I like my man, brown, sweet and hot. (oh brother)

Back to this painting. Patti Allen amazed me with her blues performance so I painted her. During one of my exercises, this painting came out. I might of seemed like an accident at first but as it turned out ‘Colored Girl’ is actually ‘Fine Art’.

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I'm an artist living on Camano Island Wa. My watercolors are unique because I use the properties of the pigment to interact with the energy of the water to create colorplays and interesting objects. When I get a good one I have it scanned. Prints can be purchased as cards, prints or 'print at home'. I have a fine art america account for you to check out as well. Hand in hand I film my process and feature my endevers on my youtube channel 'the Fabulous Traveling Art Sudio.'


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